fst (File System Tool) is a tool for checking filesystems, like CHKDSK, and for displaying information about filesystems. Currently, fst supports HPFS and FAT (FAT support is quite untested).

Unlike CHKDSK, fst does not fix the errors it finds (except for `check -fix=z').

I wrote fst after a HPFS partition was corrupted by an HPFS bug three times in a single day. I wanted to know exactly what's going wrong.

Why another CHKDSK? Well, CHKDSK has several problems:

Nowadays, the main purpose of fst is to fix filesystem problems on CompactFlash cards written by PSION handhelds (running EPOC) so that those CompactFlash cards can be written to by other systems without trashing the filesystem.

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Downloading and Installing

See fst.doc for installation instructions.

See the README file of emxuser.zip for more information.

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